Travelling with a baby to India for the first time? Expect diarrhoea!

Not the serious kind, but the mild kind that requires NO diapering and lots of mopping up of messes!

This was initially a short post because there was another mess waiting to be cleaned 🙂

UPDATE, Dec 25, 2018

It took quite a few weeks to get back into a routine once we returned home, thanks to flu cough & cold season and compromised immune systems. UGH. 

Anyway, here are some learnings from my first trip home with baby.

  1. Remember to beware food and water. While I’m convinced little guy got sick by licking his fingers after touching the ground… I should have remember to put him on bottled water from the second we landed. And, I should not have given him a bite of mu vada pav. (The diarrhea had already begun by then though).
  2. Carry lots of cloth diapers. Because of the constant poo, lil guy developed a BAD nappy rash. He had outgrown all his cloth diapers by then, so we picked up some XL ones from Santa Cruz station. We left him commando for as long as possible which was exhausting, and cloth diapered him for bed time and when we were too drained to clean up.
  3. Carry / buy MULTIPLE plastic sheets to protect the bed. Go for the XL size, because baby WILL find the edge of the plastic sheet and do his business right there. We bought the fabric plastic sheets, again from Santa Cruz station. I recommend more than 2, because the sheets need time to be washed and dried!
  4. Carry extra spare tees for yourself. I carried way too many clothes and still fell short! Luckily we had a stack of old forgotten clothes that I was able to wear and use as a ‘blankie’ for baby (I didn’t want him pooping on his actual nice blanket, and my clothes were a wet wreck from constantly cleaning up after him).
  5. Avoid wet wipes on sore bums – use water and cotton balls. Let’s just say lil guy got a LOT of bath time, as I tried to avoid using cotton balls as well.
  6. Talk to your doctor about probiotics (before & during your trip). That’s what we were prescribed by our family doctor.
  7. Take a test before you opt for real medicines (like antibiotics). In my personal experience, it took a few hours for a lab to test his poo sample and let us know that he was infection-free, which meant we only needed to continue with probiotics and electrolytes. With such a young baby, if you have the time, it’s better to take a test.(NOTE: he was NOT dehydrated, and his activity levels were high, so we knew he was essentially okay. Use your best judgement in your own situation – you know best, not the internet :))
  8. Keep hydrating. Water, milk, soups – dehydration was the main thing our doc was vary of.
  9. Don’t stop the probiotics just yet… Again, from my personal experience, I shouldn’t have stopped the probiotics when things looked better. Because, well, they relapsed.
  10. Sometimes, “it’s just the air.” Two days after we returned to Dubai, lil boy’s poo magically regulated itself and went back to normal. HOORAY!
  11. Beware additional sick. In hindsight, I should have mollycoddled lil guy when we returned to Dubai. We flew right into cold season… and even though he looked great on the outside, his immune system just wasn’t strong enough to avoid getting a cold (not the flu, thankfully).

Apart from the loosies and diaper rash, we had an epic holiday! So I don’t mean to scare you, just to share my experience and packing woes 🙂

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