Sophie la Girafe, the Ultimate Teething Toy (and Baby Shower Gift)

Sophie la Girafe, the Ultimate Teething Toy (and Baby Shower Gift)

“A glorified rubber chew toy,” a review on Amazon read. Absolutely true, and one that my little boy absolutely loves to chew on! Sophie is a life-saver; who knew babies have such razor sharp little raptor teeth.


> Hand-made of rubber with food grade paint, Sophie smells lovely and is safe for baby to chew on.

> She seems almost intuitive for little babies, at 5 months my son knew exactly what to do with her. He put every single hoof in his mouth, one after the other and settled down to chew on them contently.

> Fits my baby’s hands and mouth perfectly well, though a friend found Sophie too big for her baby (Sophie does come in a smaller size too).

> He was also able to make her squeak in his first interaction with Sophie, she’s designed for little hands! (At nearly 7 months now, Sophie is still the only toy that he can squeeze enough to squeak.)

>IT WORKS. My baby chews on Sophie instead of my fingers, hands, arms, shoulders, cheeks and chin.


> Expensive. Overpriced at over $20! Which makes it the perfect baby shower gift 🙂 I bought mine using a coupon and got it at half-price. Still expensive, but it doesn’t keep me up at night.

> There’s a small hole in the back from which the noise comes out – and the water goes in. Apparently, over years, this can lead to mold which is a terrible thought. So I guess she’s only good for a limited time, and avoid letting water go inside when you wash her (which you will invariably have to do, multiple times a day).

> Sophie is a magnet for little pieces of cotton thread and dust from my baby’s hands and clothes. I’ve trained myself to stop noticing this, after all, dirt is good right?

Bottomline: Sophie la Girafe is actually worth it, great for teething babies as young as 5 months.

There’s a surprisingly large range of Sophie products, from teethers of different shapes and sizes, to books, swaddles and so on. My little guy definitely recognized her in a book at the bookstore… I might have to pick one up some day.

The version of Sophie that I got is at the link below.

> Amazon US: Vulli Sophie la Girafe
> Amazon UK: Sophie The Giraffe Gift Boxed Version
> Amazon India: Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether

There’s also a smaller version, worth considering for babies with smaller mouths…

> Amazon US: Sophie La Girafe – So Pure Teether
> Amazon UK: Sophie The Giraffe So Pure Teething Ring Soft Version

I got mine from Mumzworld, because promo codes are awesome. If you’re in the Middle East too, you can find promo codes at sites like Picodi (check especially around holidays, white Friday and Mother’s Day). Or try – Sophie La Girafe / Sophie the Giraffe – Gift Box

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