An Engaging Toy that’s ideal for Tummy Time

An Engaging Toy that’s ideal for Tummy Time

Over the last six months, Yookidoo’s Baby’s First Bumper Book has consistently held my baby’s attention for up to 10 minutes a time, a life-saver when all you want to do is sit down or rush to the toilet.


> Two types of designs – a high-contrasting side to engage a newborn babe and a more colourful side to engage babies over 3 months in age (with fabric that crinkles, to encourage baby to reach out and play)
> Each panel lights up one-by-one, teaching baby to follow the light
> Great for tummy time
> Stands up on its own (so you don’t have to hold it up)
> The lights work in three audio modes: no audio (hallelujah!) and two different tracks of classical music


> Not washing machine friendly, as it is a battery operated toy.
> Therefore, not okay for baby to eat the toy, which means adult supervision is required at about 3-4 months onwards
> The lights on the newborn babe side glow red, which is a bit unnerving to adults

Check it out at:
> Amazon US: Yookidoo Baby’s First Book
> Amazon UK: Yookidoo 40137 Book with Melody and Light
>  Yookidoo 7290107721370 Lights and Music First Book

Full review of  Yookidoo Baby’s First Bumper Book

I was gifted the Yookidoo bumper book at my baby shower, and none of us knew quite what to make of it, including the friend who chose it! It was baby’s first toy and I started using it at around 1.5 months. I propped it upright in the Chicco Next2Me crib to keep my son entertained when he was awake and lying on his back. Gradually, I switched on the lights, and eventually the music. At that age, he would stay engaged for up to 15 minutes. He really liked the bumper book, despite the red glowing eyes.

As he grew older (ha), and learned how to roll on to his tummy, he would stare at the bumper book on my bed and stay on his tummy without too much of a fuss. Then he started following the lights with his eyes. This was so exciting for us, and such a great way for him to practice tracking objects and strengthen his neck muscles.

We introduced the colourful side fairly early since we weren’t comfortable with the red eyes. He was still entertained, yay!

Eventually, he started grabbing for the bumper book, while on his tummy. I would either give it to him so he could touch the fabric, or keep it just within reach so that he could grab it. I remember once returning from the bathroom to see him eating the red plastic edges where the battery is stored. Eeps! Unfortunately, the red plastic edge and the blue circle with the on/off buttons are the parts he loves to eat the most. That’s when the bumper book moved into the ‘adult supervision only’ mode (he was about 4 months) or ‘keep out of baby’s reach.’

At 6 months, he’s now shuffling and can reach the bumper book event if its out of reach. We still use it when either my husband or I are around, and it still keeps him entertained, for 10 minutes tops. Literally, nothing keeps him entertained for longer, so 10 minutes is fantastic!

In my experience, the bumper book is ideal for use between 2-6 months, possibly a little longer if your baby is struggling at tummy time. It’s been completely worth it for us and still useful every now and then.

The bumper book is available for about $25, at Amazon US (Yookidoo Baby’s First Book), Amazon UK (Yookidoo 40137 Book with Melody and Light) and (Yookidoo 7290107721370 Lights and Music First Book).

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