Soothing Crib Mobile with Mesmerizing Characters (really versatile too!)

Soothing Crib Mobile with Mesmerizing Characters (really versatile too!)

Tiny Love’s “take along” mobile was the cutest mobile I came across, that attaches to surfaces other than a wooden crib. It has entertained baby from 6 weeks onwards, on his bassinet, stroller handle, and the dining room chair.


> Delightful characters (birdie, fox and owl); and baby thinks so too!
> Rotates to soothing tunes, 30 minutes of them
> Rotates without audio too
> Screw-on mechanism works on a variety of surfaces, such as stroller handles, chairs, even my wooden changing table
> For other surfaces, it can be clipped on using the extra-large hook
> For yet others, it can be clipped on using the green velcro strip
> Mesmerized baby from 6 weeks on
> Great for developing eye coordination and motor skills as baby tracks the moving characters and tries to reach out
> Kept baby nice and occupied during his parent’s meal times, phew!!


> Is NOT compatible with the Chicco Next 2 Me crib (but I don’t think any mobile is, so the fault really is with the crib)
> Cannot be machine washed (so baby cannot eat the birdie, much to his disappointment)
> At about 4.5 months, baby started getting agitated because he couldn’t reach out and grab the mobile. More on this in the review below.

The Meadow Days design is the cutest ever. Apparently there is a “girl version” of it that is more pink, and here I thought it was a unisex design! Available for around $25:

> Amazon US: Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Along Mobile
> Amazon UK:  Tiny Love Take Along Mobile, Meadow Days

Full review of Tiny Love Meadow Days Crib Mobile

By the time baby turned a five weeks old, our elders started advising us to hang some toys above his crib for him to play with. “Isn’t it too early?” we wondered. Apparently not. A week later, the Tiny Love mobile arrived and baby has loved looking at it since.


I was using the Chicco Next2Me co-sleeping crib at the time, and realized that most crib mobiles are designed to screw on to wooden cribs (like this version of the Tiny Love ‘Meadow Days’ mobile). Surprisingly, Chicco didn’t have a mobile designed for their own co-sleeper either, which should have been a sign… Needless to say, the Tiny Love mobile didn’t stay up on the co-sleeper, the weight of the rotation unit kept dragging it down. Not safe for baby.

We held it up for him for a little while (so tiring), and then realized that the mobile screws on to our stroller’s (Stokke Xplory’s) carry cot (bassinet) really well. Eureka! That’s where it stayed for the next two months. This made meal-times really easy for us. We’d keep baby in the carry cot next to the dining table with the mobile switched on, and he’d be entertained. We did this for dinners mainly, when we wanted to ‘be together as a family.’

By the time baby outgrew the Stokke carry cot, we had no choice but to keep him beside the dining table! At 3+ months, he had learned how to flip from back to belly and then would get ‘stuck.’ So we had to be around him all the time, or rather he with us. Luckily, the Tiny Love mobile could be attached to the Stokke Xplory handlebar and was keeping baby entertained for about 10 (sometimes 15) minutes. By this time, we had accepted that the stroller would be full of scratches from daily use and needless to say, the handlebar is full of scratches from hastily screwing on the mobile.

Before the 4 month sleep regression kicked in, baby would fall asleep looking at the mobile. One of the easiest weeks of early parenting!! I would pull up the Ikea changing table next to the Chicco cosleeper, and attach the mobile to the changing table. A little tedious, but it worked!

But then baby turned 4.5 months. Suddenly, the mobile agitated him. He kept reaching out to grab it and was frustrated he couldn’t touch his favorite blue birdie. Goodbye easy breakfast time. Goodbye easy napping.

The mobile was still fun to play with. I’d hold it up by the hook and swing it closer to baby, putting each character into his reach one by one, and then making the mobile fly up again. By 5.5 months, baby was strong enough to really pull at the characters and got them in his mouth successfully a few times (yuck, it wasn’t easy to clean the characters).

At 6 months, we finally got a wooden crib. Baby would sit propped up on pillows and reach out for the birdie, fox and owl. He often caught them successfully. Best few days of his life, lol. Great for developing his motor skills too, no doubt. I also used the mobile’s plastic stand to attach other toys, like our Ikea mobile. Baby loves it. (I do too, since it means I don’t have to drill a hole into my rather high ceiling to use the mobile).

A week before baby turned 7 months, a rather rigorous pulling match has resulted in the mobile no longer rotating. I’m a little sad, as he did really love the overall mobile. I can use it as a stationary mobile now. Or…. maybe I can cut out the birdie, fox and owl and use them as individual plush toys… they can be washed, he can play with them freely and eat them to his little heart’s content.

So there you have it, our months-long journey with the Tiny Love mobile. If I could go back in time, would I still let baby play with it aggressively? Probably. The mobile wasn’t helping put him to sleep anymore anyways, and he had such a great time tugging at the little animals.

All in all, a very useful mobile that has kept baby mesmerized and happy both during play time as well as nap time.

The Tiny Love Take Along Mobile is available for around $25 in a few different designs. I have the Meadow Days one.

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