The Perfect Companion for your Stroller… and You

The Perfect Companion for your Stroller… and You

SkipHop’s Stroller Organizer is compact and perfect for carrying the essentials. You know: iced coffee, keys, milk bottle, burp cloths, a small toy, a credit card, coffee loyalty card and some change.


> Compact and still holds so so much
> Stain proof color (black) and waterproof material
> Detachable purse for easy access


There really are no cons to this organiser, it’s perfect for our needs. If I must list something…
> I would avoid using it for hot beverages

Available for under $25/£20. Check it out at:

> Amazon US: Skip Hop Grab & Go Stroller Organizer
> Amazon UK: Skip Hop Stroller Organiser
> MumzworldSkipHop Stroller Organizer, Black

Full review of the Skip Hop Stroller Organizer

The best way to survive motherhood is to be organized and to wear pants that have pockets. One pocket for your phone, one for the keys (house keys, car keys!), one for the credit card/easy cash, one for the burp cloth and one for the toy… wait a minute.

You either don’t have enough pockets for everything you own, or you don’t own enough denims, or you’re just tired of wearing mom jeans and would prefer yoga pants. Whatever the need – this stroller organizer is the answer.

In the photo above, it’s carrying a burp cloth, box carrying a pacifier, milk bottle, momma’s bottle (lol, coffee), some cards & phone in the zipper purse, laundry clips (to keep the swaddle attached to the stroller hoodie) and there’s room for a toy. I’ve thrown it into the washing machine and it’s come out fine.

The organizer makes everything easy. Everything you need is in easy reach when you’re shopping. You can access it while holding a squirmy baby. It makes the end of shopping trips much more pleasant.

It’s also great for short trips or walks around the block when you don’t need to carry your full diaper bag. Enjoy your rare moment of having nothing in your hands (except for your stroller). After all, motherhood is so… bulky, carrying around a hundred things your baby just might need.

The detachable purse is pure genius

The upper zip can be undone to reveal a detachable purse! So when you’re walking away from your stroller (when it’s in “stroller parking” at daycare/the park/a restaurant), your valuables are safe with you.

Also handy for when someone else is watching baby at the coffeeshop and you need to quickly go and grab that one thing. Here’s what the purse looks like… it has a little wristlet band to make it easier to carry. The flower design is supposed to hold earphones but I can’t figure that out.

And here’s what the bag looks like attached to the stroller handle. The two bands have velcro so it should fit any sized handlebar.

If your stroller doesn’t come with pockets, this organizer will prove invaluable – you’ll never use the stroller without it!

I have the black one, but it comes in colors/patterns too – Skip Hop Grab & Go Stroller Organizer (Amazon US), Skip Hop Stroller Organiser (Amazon UK) and SkipHop Stroller Organizer (Mumzworld).

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