A Strong Candidate for the ever-elusive ‘Perfect’ Diaper Bag

A Strong Candidate for the ever-elusive ‘Perfect’ Diaper Bag

Skip Hop makes great diaper bags, and the “Duo Signature” range came recommended as one of the most compact ones on the market.


> Great selection of designs/colors
> Well designed with plenty of compartments
> Compact…ish
> Has a shoulder strap that’s handy for baby carrying and also shorter handles for hanging it on a carabiner/stroller hook
> Also has side straps that go directly on your stroller handle (so you don’t need to have a carabiner/stroller hook)


> Requires a bit of effort to keep it organized
> Seems bulky for quick trips / small restaurants…
> … but also fills up easily, making a second bag necessary at times

Prices vary based on the design (ranges from  $30-$75). Check it out here:

> Amazon US: Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag
> Amazon UK: Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag
Sprii.com: Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag
> Amazon.in: Skip Hop Duo Signature Carry All Travel Diaper Bag

Full review of the SkipHop Duo Signature Diaper Bag

It’s difficult to imagine that one single bag can serve all your needs for a couple of years. After all, baby is constantly growing and requires different things at each month… from extra clothes when he’s super young, to utensils and packed food when he’s over six months. Add to this mix YOUR needs… phone, wallet, keys, make up, toiletries etc. Not to mention, you just get sick of a design at one point and are itching to carry around your pre-baby handbags.

So given all above and six months with the SkipHop Duo Signature bag, here’s my take.

This is a great-looking efficient diaper bag, with 11 pockets/compartments that can help you stay organised and find things easily when fishing around with one hand.


The SkipHop Duo Signature bag comes with a neat changing mat (see below).

It’s big enough for baby’s bottom, but you’ll need something else to cover the changing table to prevent transfer of germs (Not being paranoid, you really don’t know how clean the changing table will be.) I use an old pillow case which I can toss into the wash after several uses. When traveling, I used disposable plastic sheets. Not all changing rooms have giant tissues you can use for this purpose; I’ve learned the hard way.

There are two front flaps that you keep bottles/jars of food upright. I use these for burp cloths so they’re in easy reach. I use the side pockets for my bottle of water and my nursing cover. There’s also a zipped section for things like a wallet.

There’s also a small hook to attach things like hand sanitizer (see green rubber holder below).

I’m not really into using sanitizer – I view it as another chemical I don’t want near my baby. It was actually more inconvenient to carry it with me like this – the sanitizer would sometimes self-open and leak, and at one point my curious 5 month baby almost got some all over his hand when playing with the diaper bag (I was seated at a restaurant with him on my lap). I still keep the green rubber holder on the bag for baby to play with 🙂

Here’s what the inside of the bag looks like, and how I use it.

There’s a small zipper pocket for valuables (phone/cards) or small things (like lip balm). There are two pockets inside which I use for spare diapers and bibs. At any point I usually carry an extra swaddle/napkin, some toys and a spare pair of clothes neatly wrapped in a ziplock pouch. I also carry an extra pouch for soiled clothing (it happens, sometimes).

There are also side pockets inside which you can use to store the shoulder strap when not in use.

It helps de-bulk the overall bag.

I’ve recently started using the back pocket for all diaper change related stuff.

This lets me grab it all in one go as opposed to hunting for each individual item. I keep one diaper in the back pocket and replace on the go. The yellow checkered cloth is my pillow case.

The bag is designed so well, it has side straps that go straight on to your stroller handle bar (see below).

It fits straight handle bards much better than it does my curved Stokke Xplory handle bar. Ah well, at least it gets the job done 🙂 And my carabiner/stroller hook is free to carry my shopping. Sometimes in a rush, we just use the carabiner to carry the diaper bag itself  (like when we are going down to the car, so we don’t have to go through the hassle of clasping it to the handle bar and then undoing it to put everything into the car).

Do note, it can be tricky to use the side straps when the diaper bag is full and heavy!

Bottomline: The SkipHop Duo Signature range offers very functional compact diapers bags in beautiful patterns. It will fit most things you need on most days – if you anticipate needing something larger, the SkipHop Duo *Double* Signature range is slightly bigger and offers the same lovely designs (but its less compact).

Have fun choosing a style you like! Available at Amazon US (Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag), Amazon UK (Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag) and Amazon.in (Skip Hop Duo Signature Carry All Travel Diaper Bag). You can find better deals if you go through sites like Sprii.com

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