A Fun Crib Bumper that doubles up as an Interactive Cloth Book

A Fun Crib Bumper that doubles up as an Interactive Cloth Book

The Playgro Cot Buddies bumper was a rare find, as I scrutinized designs across the web. It has high-contrasting panels for newborns and bright colorful and interactive panels for infants, or “TV” as we call it.


> 5 simple high-contrast panels for newborns with animals and patterns (see below)
> 5 bright fun panels for slightly older babies with elements they can interact with like felt, a whistle, a crinkly page and a mirror

> Pleasant designs – no scary red eyes here

> Can be machine washed easily

> Safe for baby to play with / chew (mine loves to chew on the black-n-white polka dot strings!)

There are no cons to this bumper. I have used it as a stand-alone toy, showing baby one panel at a time and introducing each element/design. He has played with it solo many times and enjoys the crinkly panel most. It is now attached to the crib where it acts both as a toy, and as a bumper preventing babies feet from slipping out of the crib and providing extra cushioning for his head. (My son loves turning 90 and 180 degrees in his crib 🤷🏽‍♀️).

Not bad for $15. Check it out at:

> Amazon US: Playgro 0183444 Cot Buddies Bumper Book for baby

Newborn side with high contrasting colors

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