Never leave home without a toy (this one attaches to your stroller)

Never leave home without a toy (this one attaches to your stroller)

The Infantino Spiral Activity Toy is a fun distraction for baby when you are out shopping or chatting with a neighbor you’ve just run into. It’s a permanent part of my stroller.


> Cheap, great value for money
> Colorful and bright
> Four different toys that baby can play with…
–  a crinkly little bee
–  a two-sided fluffy rattle (with a pig and a moo moo [aka cows in adultspeak])
–  two rings
–  a baby safe mirror in the shape of a sun.

> Fits right on the stroller bar and always accessible for baby
> Other toys can be attached to the rings
> Machine-wash friendly (the colors just fade slightly after multiple washes)
> Apparently you can use this on the crib too, and on car seat handles


> Might not fit on some strollers / baby might have to reach out for the toys

The Blue Farm design seems to be discontinued already, but there is a similar Blue Jungle design available for £13. For the little ladies, the Pink Farm and Pink Jungle design is available for $13.

> Amazon US: Infantino Spiral Activity Toy, Blue Farm / Pink Farm
> Amazon UK: Infantino Spiral Activity Toy, Blue Farm (discontinued and pricey)  / similar Blue Jungle design
> Amazon India: Infantino Spiral Activity Toy, Blue / Pink

Full Review of Infantino Spiral Activity Toy for Strollers

I remember going for a walk with baby when he was just about 2 months old. I had to abort the walk halfway because he started crying, and practically run home. While waiting for the elevator in the apartment building, a neighbor pulled out her son’s rattle and voila. My baby stopped crying, enthralled by the new toy.

“Never leave home without a toy,” she smiled at me kindly.

By this point I had noticed most baby strollers had spiral toys, so I set out to find one and came across the Infantino spiral.

I have the “Blue Farm” design, which baby has enjoyed thoroughly. As usual, he went through each toy one at a time. The rings were his initial favorite when he was about 3 months old. He would hold on to them with his tiny baby fingers – one of the earliest toys he held properly! I think that was easiest for him to reach.

The pig rattle followed – he loved chewing the ribbon attached to it. Then came crinkly bee, and at about 5 months when he started teething it was the baby safe mirror. I’m not sure if all babies love to chew on the mirror, but mine certainly does! You’ll see in the picture it’s filled with little teeth marks (poor mirror!).

At 7 months, he’s kind of over the spiral. I still keep it on so that he has something to play with. But I’m usually well equipped with a bag of chewable toys for his little highness. Sometimes, I attached some other toys to the rings so that it stays in the stroller. Baby’s very skilled at dropping things outside the stroller when he’s done with them 🙂


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