The PERFECT Baby Record Book – Beautiful and Fun to Fill Out

The PERFECT Baby Record Book – Beautiful and Fun to Fill Out

Unconditional Rosie’s Astronaut themed record book is beautifully designed. Each page is actually interesting & relevant. Plus, it has stickers – there’s no going wrong with this for yourselves or for a gift.


> Gorgeous space theme that carries through throughout the book

> Hard cover so that the book survives longer (I hope)

> Asks for relevant details and photos, so it’s easy to fill out

> It comes with stickers that represent baby’s milestones, like crawling, sitting and sleeping through the night (I can’t wait to use this one!)


There are really no cons to this book. We searched high and low and are so pleased with it. If anything, we wish it had more space to write!

Available for around $25. Check it out at:

> Amazon US: Astronaut Baby’s First Year Memory Book
> Amazon UK only has the First Five year books by Unconditional Rosie… here’s a cool dinosaur memory book and a floral memory book

Full review of Astronaut Baby’s First Year Record Book by Unconditional Rosie

My husband and I were sure we wanted a record book, but we wanted a fun one. We had seen so many beautiful ones that had lines and lines to fill in with sweet notes about our baby… but that just wasn’t our vibe. But when we saw the Astronaut Record Book, we knew this was the one. Each page was designed really well, with only little spaces for writing. Perfect.

After a few pages collecting the customary data… baby’s name, parents’ names, birthday, birth height, birth weight, a “letter to you before we met you” and some slots for photos, it jumps right into it.

Month 0 or “When you were born” sets the tone for years later when baby looks back. He can see who the president (or prime minister) was, what the weather was and what tune his parents were jamming to.

Month 1 (and all subsequent months) follow the same template with slots for You Don’t Like, You Can, We’ll Never Forget, You Love and a photo. Super easy. There’s enough “white space” to write over if you have more to say, and to place the stickers on.

Sample page 6 and 7

The stickers are really cool. The book comes with 12 stickers, like… My first time in the water and I can sit up! Like I said, this book is super easy to fill in.

Towards the end of the record book are a few additional pages, like the one in the photo below. There’s also a page for baby’s Family Tree and a few pages for photos capturing highlights like First Bath , Big Trip and holidays.

I’m not exaggerating as I type, this is literally the perfect record book. Years later, I hope my little guy thinks so to.

The Amazon US store has a better collection of record books by Unconditional Rosie. We chose the Astronaut theme, but the first year memory books also come in an Under the Sea theme, a journal theme (with more ‘writing’ pages), and blue and pink theme memory books (here’s the link to the Unconditional Rosie range).

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