Your baby will feel like royalty in aden + anais swaddles

Your baby will feel like royalty in aden + anais swaddles

aden+anais 100% cotton muslin swaddles are oh-so soft, and come in beautiful designs. I mean, if they’re good enough for Prince George and other celebrity babies…  


> High quality Muslin fabric that has survived months of wash cycles and baby accidents
> Good stitch quality
> Amazing collection of designs and patterns


> Expensive
> Some patterns get rough after multiple washes (I’ve only found this with the more busy Savanna Animal prints)

Check it out at:

> Amazon US: aden + anais swaddle (47×47 inch jungle jam 4-pack), and aden + anais silky smooth swaddle (47×47 inch indigo blue 3-pack)
> Amazon UK: aden + anais Muslin swaddle (120cm x 120cm, jungle jam 4-pack), and aden + anais Silky Soft Swaddle (120cm X 120cm, 3 Pack, Berry Shibori)

Note: Don’t confuse the original aden + anais swaddles with the slightly cheaper “made-for-store” “aden by aden + anais” version. The latter are 44inch x 44inch, have a lower weave count and come in different designs to the original “boutique” swaddles.

Full review of aden+anais Muslin swaddles

While researching shopping lists for newborn babies, I was intrigued that the one item mentioned by most mommy bloggers around the world were, you guessed it, aden + anais swaddles. Every list mentioned them. I immediately made up my mind, my little guy was getting these. I haven’t looked back since.

In fact, the intrigue only continued to grow as I waited for my order to arrive. It turned out that Prince George was wrapped in aden + anais swaddles as were many other celebrity babies (including those of Hilary Duff, Jennifer Garner, Beyoncé and etc etc). Even my 20-year old college going brother had heard of the brand, albeit in a podcast detailing how the startup shot to stardom.

Needless to say, they arrived and it was love all over again… I didn’t expect that package to be quite so bulky. But the 47 inch x 47 inch size has been so worth it, considering how tall my baby is.

How many swaddles is enough?

I ordered two 4-packs for a total of 8 swaddles. I chose the jungle jam with the cute bird, monkey, giraffe and elephant design. As well as a light gray pattern Savanna Animals design. I swaddled my baby for the first 2.5 months (many mothers continue till baby is about 3-4 months or until baby can roll). We went through about 1-2 swaddles a day while he was in pampers. When he had a bad diaper rash we had to swap to cloth diapering and went through the swaddles reallllly quickly because newborns poop all the time (at last mine did). We were running a load of baby clothes everyday and 8 swaddles was just about enough.

During the clothes diaper stage, we used cotton triangle diapers with a plastic sheet under him. The swaddles stayed dry when he was sleeping, but if he peed while being held upright (while burping or cuddles), the swaddle would get soiled.

– he was going through 2-3 swaddles a day

– we used an additional 2 swaddles as light blankets (a day)

At one stage, horrified by the amount of laundry we were generating, my husband whispered, “maybe we need more.” My mum scoffed, but my husband insisted. In a state of sleep deprivation, I placed an order online for an additional 3-pack of…

The Silky Soft Muslin Swaddles are SO soft, and perfect for summer!

Without realising it, I had ordered the silky soft aden + anais swaddles which are very different to touch. We were delighted. It gets extremely hot in the summer here, and these swaddles felt so cold to the touch. We kept them aside to be used “in emergencies only” and definitely throughout summer.

Uses for the swaddles beyond just swaddling.

I stopped swaddling baby completely by 3 months. He had also graduated to baby blanket by this time. The swaddles still came in handy for his stroller and trips outside the house.

Primarily, we use the swaddle as a light blanket when we go out for walks / to the mall / in the car. And, we use a second one to cover the stroller if it’s too bright outside / if baby is asleep / if we are in a crowded space and we want to limit his exposure to the chaos. These go through the wash about every 4 days, depending on how often they fall down / how often I use them as impromptu burp cloths.

The jungle jam and silky soft designs have survived the wash very well. However with the Savanna Animals print, I’ve found that the more patterns, the rougher it becomes with multiple washes.

We now need only 4 swaddles (even on holiday), so we have plenty extra. I’m tempted to use them as baby towels due to how absorbent they are, and how soft on baby’s skin.

Consider getting 6-8 swaddles for the early few months, especially if you plan on swaddling your baby every day. They certainly come handy once babies outgrow the need to be swaddles, so keep them near and dear!

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