Presidential Alert: Silicone feeders are WAY BETTER than Mesh feeders

Presidential Alert: Silicone feeders are WAY BETTER than Mesh feeders

Baby feeders are a great way to introduce solid finger foods. I recommend silicone feeders which are easier for baby to chew on, and way easier to clean!

Despite being on solids for 2.5 months now, my baby is terrible at finger foods. He now understands the concepts of holding finger food and putting it in his mouth, but he hasn’t started chewing or swallowing it yet. As a first time mum, I wasn’t comfortable with taking a baby-led-weaning approach (I don’t think it’s common amongst Indian mums quite yet). So we started with puree… and we are still very much stuck on puree. Smooth, no-chunks puree.

To teach baby how to chew and to introduce him to new foods (such as berries and oranges), I searched for a feeder. Unfortunately, I started with a mesh feeder and can tell you from experience, it kind of sucks.

Nuby’s Nibbler Mesh Feeder is actually impossible to clean.

I bought a 2-pack of Nuby Nibbler Mesh Feeder from Sprii (available for $8 at Amazon US: Nuby 2-Pack Nibbler Mesh Feeders). Then after washing it, immediately proceeded to put some sliced bananas in it. The mesh was a little droopy, and baby was more interested in chomping on the handle than on the meshy banana.

So I did what any good mum would do, and chewed the banana for him. I can personally say the experience of chewing on the mesh was not fun. Apparently baby thought so too, and didn’t really eat much of the banana. I took apart the feeder and soaked it in water, hoping the banana mush would loosen.

Three washes later and it didn’t. I ended up throwing the mesh in disgust.

(As per the internet, apparently banana is the hardest thing to clean out of mesh feeders. Whoops, should have researched it better.)

A few days of puree later, I bought a silicone feeder on the recommendation of a fellow baby momma.

Left: Boon Silicone Feeders / Right: Nuby Mesh Feeders / Top: Baby Feet for scale 🙂

Boon’s Pulp Silicone Feeder works like a charm!

Boon’s silicone feeder is very straightforward. It’s easier for me to put food into. And it’s easier for baby to put into his mouth. Baby has used it to chew on blueberries, watermelon, strawberries and oranges. He initially chewed on the handle more than the silicone feeder part, but he seems to have the hang of it now (after a week or two).

The feeder doesn’t actually hold much food, I find myself refilling it fairly often. It’s very easy to open and close, and less messy as compared with the mesh feeder.

At times, the food gets pushed ‘up’ the feeder, so I use my teeth to drag the food back down towards the holes for baby to eat.

  • Step 1 - Cut the food into small pieces to ensure it fits inside the feeder

The silicone feeder is absolutely worth it, both for babies who are getting introduced to finger foods and for more savvy babies to eat ‘unsafe foods.’ It’s great for your piece of mind, and for widening your child’s taste palette.

In the Middle East, a 2-pack is available at Boon – Pulp Silicone Feeder – 2pk Blue & Teal), and it’s also available on Amazon US (Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder, Green/blue – one for $6), Amazon UK (Pulp Silicone Feeder – Green/Blue (one for £5) and Amazon India (Boon Pulp Silicone Feeders 2Pk).

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