New milestone: Pulling to Stand

New milestone: Pulling to Stand

After learning to sit up by himself and to crawl properly, my little guy devoted all his energy to pulling to stand. He finally got the hang of it at around 7.5 months.

He got much better at it as every day passed by. First, he would pull himself up using shorter things, like his floor mattress. He wasn’t exactly ‘straight up,’ but getting there.

UPDATE: By 8 months, he was able to pull up to our coffee table unassisted. The higher height means he is standing tall and upright. On the day he turned 8 months, he was able to balance unassisted for nearly 2 seconds (WOW!) He’s very quick at pulling himself up now, and can stay up for longer amounts of time (as long as he is holding on to something for support).

With such great and such swift progress, I must admit I expected him to start standing unassisted already (it’s been 3 weeks of very efficient pulling to stand :)). It’s like teething I guess, or watching tea boil. The more you stand and look, the longer it takes.

Hopefully it’ll happen any day now. Although two separate friends have warned me – their babies stood at 7 months and still didn’t walk till 17 months…!!

I guess I’m prepared for anything at this point 🙂


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