Milestone: Unassisted Sitting AND Crawling in the same week!

Milestone: Unassisted Sitting AND Crawling in the same week!

After a few days of fervent attempts, my little guy finally got into sitting position himself a day before his 7th month birthday. Hooray! A few days later, he began crawling successfully. I am such a proud momma.

How the sitting happened… At 6 months, baby started sitting unassisted for a few seconds at a time. The time frame increased gradually over days. I would sit behind him to support him and then move away slowly as he acquired more and more balance.

Then, he tried to get into the sitting position himself. He would get on his fours and then try to push sideways so that he wound up perched on one butt. After a few days, he managed to sit up properly but didn’t have the balance to stay upright at all. The next morning itself, he began sitting like a pro. I woke up to him sitting right in front of me, staring at me contently (we co-sleep). That was the best day ever. He sat by himself ALL day and I didn’t have to do much to entertain him. Lovely.

How this compares to other babies… As per Dr. Google, babies can sit independently anywhere from 4-7 months and for a few minutes by the time they are 8 months. The web doesn’t clearly distinguish between sitting independently (i.e. balance) and getting into sitting position independently.  Well, my baby started sitting independently at 6 months, learned how to get into sitting position at 7 months and then immediately sat 20 minutes in a row unassisted. A friend’s baby is 5 months and looks like she will be able to sit independently in the next few days. Another’s baby crawled first and then learned how to get into sitting position. Remember, every baby is different 🙂

How the crawling happened… Baby has been army shuffling forward and backwards (though mainly backwards) since he was 5.5 months. A few days after he was able to get into sitting position himself, he reached forward for my phone (the phone was a meter ahead of him on the bed). He landed on his fours and properly crawled ahead to grab the phone (belly not touching the bed). WOWZA.

This happened at 7 months, which is extremely early. As per Dr. Google, babies start proper crawling between 6 – 10 months. Baby’s pediatrician had warned us he might be a late crawler because he would need more time to develop the strength to haul his larger frame. I guess he just wanted to move pretty badly. 🙂 He’s still hesitant to proper crawl and mainly does it to grab my phone / the monitor. By next, I imagine he’ll be zipping around the apartment (aaaaaack).

How this compares to other babies… A friend was surprised to see my baby on all fours a week ago. Her baby only did that and started crawling at 9 months. He zips around all over the place now, quite confidently.

What’s next? STANDING, UGH. My baby semi-stood up ‘by mistake’ at 6.5 months – he reached out to grab his rubber ducky when in his bath tub. But he’s forgotten how, because he only uses his upper body now 🙂 I think I need a few more weeks of baby-proofing before I’m ready for independent standing up!

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