Milestone: First three steps!

It finally happened ladies and gentlemen, at 10 months and on Christmas Day. My lil boy took his first three steps, sideways, without any support and without falling. By the grace of all things good and kind, both my husband and I were able to see it happen.

And the next day, we were able to film it, because it’s all he’s trying to do. Take three steps without falling. In most cases it’s just one or two steps to be honest, but we’ll have our hands full and happy with a walker very soon!

I’m so looking forward to it. The house is mostly baby-proofed, and hopefully it’ll mean less carrying! After staying at the same weight for about two months (thanks to being sick), he’s back to gaining weight steadily (yay…?).

In terms of timelines, here’s what it looked like for us:

  • 7.5 months – pulling to stand
  • 8.5- 9 months – standing with ease
  • 9 months – standing independently without needing something to pull on
  • 9.5 months – first three steps that resulted in him falling into my hands
  • 10 months – first three steps with NO falling
  • =)

I have a feeling he’ll be running as soon as he can – he’s totally jealous of the bigger kids in the park who run around independently, and he loves zooming up and down in his walker.

We introduced the baby walker after he learned how to stand (at 8.5months). This was our compromise in a way – we had the walker since he was 6 months but heeded our pedi’s advice that it may prevent him from developing the patience to learn how to stand independently. But when he started pushing tables and chairs and using them as walkers, we knew he was ready.

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