Expat Baby Momma

Expat Baby Momma was started to share my experiences with baby stuff. He's a tall one, so we're going through a lot of gear real fast.

As a first time mom, who gave birth to the first baby in my immediate social circle and family, I had to learn a lot of things the hard way. I scoured the internet for information, read a book or two, absorbed everything my mum remembered and window shopped a lot. I had to buy everything from scratch. As an expat, I didn't even benefit from hand-me-downs from extended family and friends. The cost of shipping alone would have been gruesome - ha! I also didn't benefit from late night chats with aunts about their experiences.

So here's a blog that I hope to share with friends and family members who come after me in having lovely poopy babies. I write about my personal experiences from pregnancy to baby's first crawls (and counting). I discuss baby stuff that I got for him and why I love it or hate it.

As a third world kid, I've received advice from all over the world - friends in the US / UK, family in India, and local friends in the Middle East.

Do know, there are affiliate links throughout the blog. This means that should you like a product and purchase it I would get a commission from Amazon (at no cost to you). But don't worry - this won't cloud my reviews - as you'll see from the nit-picking criticism I'll be applying to each product. After all, I am burning my savings buying adorable stuff for my baby and I'm sure you will be too! Besides, not all these things are necessary if you are trying to minimize your expenses / storage space / life in general. I will also post links to other sites, especially for others living in the Middle East like me.

I will also pass on some resources that friends shared with me. Remember I'm writing this during baby's naps, and as you may know, they get shorter and harder every darn week.

Motherhood is possibly the hardest thing you'll go through, but just remind yourself: millions of women have got this and so will you. I hope this blog helps you in your journey!


My baby

It's important for you to know my circumstances with child birth and some aspects about my baby to understand how my experiences can translate to you.

So here goes: I had an emergency C-Section after twenty glorious hours of pre-labour and labour. Baby boy was a week overdue and born a healthy 3.5kg / 54cm bundle of joy.

Just like his 6 foot papa, he has been shooting up in height and weight. At time of writing, he's now 7 months and around the 90th -97th percentile for weight and height (it changes with every checkup). This means I have ALREADY bought products suitable from newborn age up to the 12-18 month age and counting (whew! can you hear my wallet and husband crying??).

This also means we had to upgrade our stroller bassinet months ago we outgrew our co-sleeper kilos ago. But more of that in the reviews!

Key takeaways for you here - I wasn't allowed to do much carrying in the few weeks post surgery (so that infant seat for my carrier was pretty useless), my baby is a beautiful giant, and I'll be writing a lot about the life span of products.

If you're expecting a tall chubby baby (based on your height/your spouse's height), I'm sure you'll find these reviews helpful. If you're expecting a normal size baby (if there's any such thing as ``normal`` 😛), consider yourself lucky for being able to stretch some of the products and apparel for their intended duration.

In most cases, and over time, I'll post photos of the actual products I own and use. I'll sometimes post a photo of baby's tush so you can see how sizes compare.